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In our selection of eyewear, you’ll find elegance, comfort and practicality. We look all over to source the best frames and lenses for our clients, so whether you’re looking for a top brand or hoping to get a good deal on quality glasses we’ve got something for you. Our dispensing team are helpful and informed so you’ll get the latest styling and practical advice.

Women Wearing Designer Sunglasses


Everyone has different priorities when it comes to picking out their eyewear. For some people, the look is most important while others care more about comfort and durability. We take into account your wishes for your new glasses and help you find frames and lenses to suit your unique requirements. Whatever your priorities, we’ll help you find glasses that suit your look and your lifestyle at a price that works for you.

Designer Glasses


Quality spectacle lenses change how you see the world. Using the best lenses available will not only give you excellent vision but can help to protect you from eye strain and headaches. You can have your lenses made especially for you with different looks and coatings to suit your requirements.

Women Wearing Prescription Sunglasses


Prescription sunglasses can be a great addition to your eyewear selection. A quality pair of sunglasses not only provide comfort and style outdoors, they offer protection against the sun’s glare helping you keep your eyes healthy. Now, you can have your favourite frames fitted with your prescription so you can enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer.

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