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As your local opticians in Wivenhoe, we are proud to offer eye examinations designed to work for each and every one of our clients. Both our private and NHS eye examinations take a thorough look at your vision and eye health and are personalised to meet your specific eye care needs. We see clients of all ages, managing a wide variety of vision loss and eye conditions, so whether you are just looking for a check-up or dealing with a serious challenge to your eye health we are fully equipped to give you the care you need.

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The most important thing you can do for your eye health is to have your eyes examined by a qualified optometrist. Eye tests are not only about updating prescriptions and picking out glasses – they are important health check-ups. Many conditions like diabetes and glaucoma are first diagnosed during eye examinations, while vision loss can be managed more effectively when caught early on. At our independent practice, we aim to give all of our clients the testing, products and information they need to keep their eyes healthy.

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All of our eye examinations involve a set of tests to assess your vision and eye health. A visual acuity test will check whether you have vision loss or if your prescription needs to be updated. Your optometrist will examine your eyes for abnormalities and look for signs of eye conditions. Depending on factors like your age, medical status and family history of eye health, they may recommend further testing or more regular eye examinations to monitor your eye health. At the end of the examination, you will receive a breakdown of your vision and eye health.


For peace of mind about your eye health, enhanced eye examinations can provide a more detailed look at your eyes and vision to ensure that eye problems can be caught in even their earliest stages. Enhanced eye examinations include fundus photography. This technology is designed to examine the interior of the eye and is especially good at looking for signs of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. If you are concerned about your eye health or at a greater risk of eye conditions, an enhanced examination could be the right choice for you.

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• Emergency Eyecare


If you have a problem with your eyes that you need to get checked out quickly, you can make an emergency appointment with one of our optometrists. They are qualified to deal with many minor eye conditions and can refer you to another practitioner if necessary.


• Post-cataract surgery monitoring


After cataract surgery, your eyes need to be regularly examined to monitor their health. Because the surgery involves replacing your eye’s lens with an artificial one it is vital to see how your vision and eye health are affected by the change. We offer post-cataract surgery monitoring through the NHS, providing you with thorough follow-up appointments to make sure your eyes are responding well to the surgery.

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