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Helping your children understand the importance of eye care from an early age is a great way of supporting their health and development. It is thought that one child in four has an undiagnosed eye problem, which is why tracking their eye health and visual development is so important. We do our best to make our practice fun and friendly so children of all ages can feel at ease. We also have special testing and products to make sure our youngest patients get the best care.

happy child wearing glasses


For kids, regular eye tests are so important that they are free through the NHS. As well as tracking their visual development, eye tests are there to spot eye conditions in their early stages. Getting on top of an eye problem early on is the best way to correct it and make sure it does not harm a child’s well-being and education. We make sure that our eye tests for kids are detailed and interactive so your children can learn about taking care of their eyes from their first appointment.

Young Boy Trying On New Glasses


For kids, picking out a new pair of glasses is as daunting as it is exciting. Our helpful team aim to make it easy with an exceptional range of glasses in all different sizes and styles. Glasses are a great way to express personality so we make sure to stock a wide variety of frames so kids of all ages can find something that suits their unique look.


One of the reasons eye tests are so important for children today is myopia. Myopia, or shortsightedness, is extremely common and usually worsens over time. For children, myopia can mean difficulty reading the whiteboard at school, and eye strain and headaches leading to real difficulties in their education and development. We offer various ways to correct and control myopic vision. This includes MySight contact lenses by Coopervision, which are proven to slow down the progression of myopia in children. If your child won’t feel comfortable with contact lenses we also offer Essilor spectacle lenses, which are also an excellent myopia management option.

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